10% Daily bonus for Slot & Game

  • Deposit at least 10$ to get 10% bonus.
  • The maximum bonus is 100$.
  • The bonus can be received 8times/day.
  • With this bouns members are reqired turnover 8times to withdrawal.
  • The Turnover is calculated: (deposit + bonus) x 8

    Deposit = 100$
    Bonus = 10% x 100$ = 100$
    Turnover Requirement = (100$ + 10$) x 8= 880$


  • This promotion is only for existing member
  • This promotion is required 8tims turnover to withdrawal
  • In case members play Slot, Game all together then turnover is increased to 15times.
  • In case members have more than one user account or the user’s informations are related to existing user’s information then our company terminate this promotion for their account.
  • This bonus can’t withdraw, deposit, cancel or change untill the turnover is finished.
  • In case our company founded any irregular or turnover are cheated, Our company will seize or freeze all the money in user’s account with unconditional.
  • Joker-789 reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • Every Joker-789’s decision/judge is the final decision .